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Still suffering from a sore neck.
Maybe I just headbanged a leeeeettle too much on Monday.
What can I say? The night was hard and heavy.

Our setlist was:
1. the fall
2. a little too late
3. girls in full bloom
4. fragile
5. a quiet morning
6. you, my deathwish

Yes, it was rather an イケイケな killer set--初めて we started off with "the fall" and brought "a quiet morning" and "you, my deathwish" at the end. I was dying for air and water by the fifth song, giving Midori a worn-out smile which made her laugh, but, hey, was able to get through the last song ok. God, what am I going to do when we have to do a longer set?! Gotta pump up to do better, huh?
Thanks to all that came to watch.

Our last show for the year will be on Dec. 27th at Heaven's Door.
Man, time flies! もうほぼ年末・・・

Going to South Korea for the first time this weekend.
SUBHUMAN RACEのライブを見に行こうツアー、ってな感じで団体さんで行って参ります。
Looking forward to some good kimchi, BBQ, and, of course, the gig ;-)

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