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Lesson learned : Don't go to an after-party and stay out late the night before vocal recordings.
あとは、aozoaのカリスマengineer、Yusun、にミックスを託して the CD package should be ready by the end of October hopefully. Can't wait, huh? Must say, I like recording and layering all these sounds to create...maybe more than doing shows. Growing old, cath?

Anyway, yes, my homework.

Well, Sunday was a bit cloudy, but humid and muggy, nonetheless.
We aozoans got to the venue around 3pm except for Sak, who came fourty-plus minutes late with a massive hangover. We did a quick and easy soundcheck. No, we didn't burn out any amps like we did last time nor did Sak spew, thank God. But just to torture him for being late (nah), we got our equipment and, instead of setting them to the side of the stage, we carried them over to a studio right across from the venue to rehearse just for an hour. I mean, hey, we were planning to do a new song that we played through only a few times so for emotional comfort? Felt like a HS band before a show. Sweet, huh? ;-)

After our little rehearsal, had about an hour and a half before the show started. We went to this new cafe near the venue to have a healthy meal. Organic coffee, organically-grown veggie plates (baked and steamed), juices made with organically-grown veggies and fruits, etc. The waiters kept on making mistakes with our order, but the food was good. A little expensive, maybe, but, hell, it's Tokyo plus everything was ORGANICICALLY-GROWN, right?

The night's event started at 7pm with five bands, aozoa being the third to perform.
Our setlist was...let me check Yusun's blog, hehehe.
1. a quiet morning
2. girls in full bloom
3. new song (will think of a title soon enough)
4. fragile
5. a little too late
6. the fall
It was sorta on the loud and genki side of our music. A little too genki since everyone, especially the two guitarists, were drained after the second song. lol Yeah, and the big flower on my ring that Midori made for me went flying off in the middle of the first song. Must have been doing some crazy moves or something. Our new song...hmmm...wonder how it was for everyone...Un-aozoan maybe? Anyway, all that matters is that we had fun playing and I had no muscle pain the day after.

After the show, we talked with this girl from a record label that heard our music on Myspace and wanted to discuss a deal, but, putting aside the details, we decided not to work together in distributing our music through them. Too bad, but there's a lot a band can do on its own now without the help of a label or production like the one we talked to after the show, I guess.

The night ended with the five of us joining a group of friends at an izakaya across from the venue for an after-party. Shouted "Kanpaaaaiii! Otsukaresamaaaa!!" God-knows-how-many-times in the hour that we were there. When it was time to go home, it was drizzling. Rain during this time of year in Japan is just sticky and awful, I hate it! Got home safely, though.

Our next show is on September 20th.
BALIM, ex-DaTURA bassist and friend KaORI's new band with her bro, will be playing on the same night. Must be FUN!

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