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英語deライブレポ@WILDSIDE TOKYO 0429

ライブを地下に潜って見に来てくれたみなさん、ありがとうございます。私自身、メタルな気合い全快で楽しみました。Hope it was the same for everyone who was there that night.

Well, it was the perfect day, although only for a very short distance, for a bicycle ride to the venue. Got to WILDSIDE TOKYO at a quarter past two. Warmed up while watching OUT OF STANDARD rehearse and waited with the other aozoans till our turn for soundcheck. The last time we played at the place was, man, sometime last year so we took our time checking our sound and monitors and getting familiar with the stage. (It's always nice to have enough space to scatter your stuff around and not have them stepped on, if you know what I mean.) After a good fifteen minutes or so, we took all of our equipment and bags to the huge backstage and were off to chow down an early dinner before the show.

The five of us went to a "family restaurant" thirty steps away from the joint. (The name changed from a JONATHAN'S to a GUSTO, but the layout of the restaurant was exactly the same.) The guys ate heavy meat dishes with soda (why do men like that green-colored cream-soda?!), Midori ordered a Japanese style boxed lunch with a cup of cappuccino (great mix), and I had a pizza with Chinese tea (hey, had to wash down the grease). Talked about touring to Okinawa and Hawaii, sightseeing to Okinawa and Hawaii, laying under the sun and getting fried in Okinawa and Hawaii...Well, basically, about going on vacation to a resort area, preferably Okinawa or Hawaii. It must have been the clear skied weather that geered our conversation towards that direction. I think we also talked a little bit about music like which songs to record and about working on new tunes etc., yeah, a little bit.

We were back underground in time for the first band. The event started from 5:30pm with six bands, aozoa performing fifth. We had about three hours till our stage so we spent it in and out of the cozy backstage watching the other bands then reading these crazy mags and mangas, talking to friends, etc. I tried on clothes that Midori brought for me to wear that night, but, no, 'twas too tight, my dear. Settled on wearing my usual black dress that I fixed. Our time came and while everyone else was setting up their equipment, I ran up and down about five flight of stairs to go to the restroom for the twenty-umph time out of nervousness? I was still panting when the sounds were coming out of Yusun and Numa's guitars and the big screen in front of the stage was rising for our stage to start.
Our setlist was:
1. a little too late
2. girls in full bloom
3. a quiet morning
4. 10Q2U
5. fragile
6. the fall
No accidents this time, sorry. But, all in all, I think we did ok. Must say that I feel more comfortable singing on a high stage looking down at people, hehehe! The lights were hot, though, burning Midori's skinhead. Numa and Sak's heads must have been steaming in their hats, too. Yusun and I were drowning in our own sweat. Only if there was a fan. But, then again, it'd dry out my throat.

After the event finished, we were all hungry so we decided to have a midnight snack. The aozoans with a group of friends ended up going to GUSTO for the second time that day for another heavy meal and great choices of drinks. We even sat in the same exact seats. It was a laugh when two other bands with their friends came to the joint to have their dinners right next to us. With plates of curry, noodles, slabs of meat, desserts, salads, fries, sodas, coffee, and only two glasses of beer, we ate and talked nonsense until 1am.

I made it back home in time for the Champions League football game, but my eyes and brain shut down in the middle of the first half. (Do not fret, I took a bath and washed my heavy make-up off before anything.) Man, it was a long day, but a good one.


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