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I hope it was the same for all of you who came to the showね.

OK, so there were supposed to be five bands performing for last Monday's gig. We got a message from the organizer of the event on Sunday night that two cancelled for whatever reason. Wow, a three-headliner show. How wonderful. But because it was an audition, our 25 minute set was going to stay as a 25 minute set.

(Yeah, we submitted our song and got the chance to perform for this audition--an audition to play for a relatively big event next month with FACT as the headliner. Fifteen bands played throughout a three-day audition battling for just one slot.)

Well, after doing a bit of shopping on the other side of the Shimokitazawa station, I strolled down to the venue at around three pm. Other than Yusun's equipment, the place was pretty much empty and quiet except for a few people setting up the stage and the sound system. I was filling out papers, you know, the set list, what amps to use, the guest list, etc when the organizer, a young man with half of his face hidden behind a mask, came up to me to explain that another band cancelled and that there were only going to be two bands, us and another band from Osaka, playing that night. OoooooKaaaay. I had to wait for a while till the other aozoans came in to share the fun news. Was a laugh to see their sleepy eyes open wide.

Soundcheck was smooth and simple. We waited for another half hour for the other band to finish their soundcheck, had a little meeting with them and the organizer about the conditions of the audition etc, did a little introduction thing while at it, and we went off to nearby cafe for a little snack.

It was a really cute and cozy cafe with a little library. Yusun and Numa had coffee, Midori had a chocolate cake with chai, Sak had a bowl of taco rice, and I had a glass of Oreo-sesame (yes, our little joke continues)-soymilk. We actually had a constructive conversation about our plans for this year, like recording, booking more gigs, making new songs, etc., with a tad of nonsense in between of course. Our conversation attracted a guy in charge of booking events and bands for this venue in Shinjuku that happened to be there in the cafe. He promised to come see our show later that night. He kept his promise for he was already there when we went back in time for the first, oh sorry, the other band.

Our set list was as follows:
1. a little too late
2. a quiet morning
3. sunscar
4. girls in full bloom
5. fragile
6. the fall
Right, we sorta forced it into a 25 minute set. I was choking with the smoke (yeah, it gives that nice dark and mysterious effect, but...) and we, other than Sak who was safely behind his drumset, were having a hard time trying not to step on each others' feet and pedals (the stage was, I guess, small for us), but we managed. It was great to see familiar faces in the audience (have to say that almost all of them were familiar because, well, I wonder why?!) although making eye-contact was a bit too bold of an act for me. In general, maybe we did better at our previous gig at CHOP, but we still had the same fun.

The night ended before eight pm. Sweeeeeet.
We stayed for another hour or so drinking and talking at the venue.
Really, thanks to all of you that came last Monday to support us for the audition.
After saying our farewells, the five aozoans plus a friend went to a japanese bar near the station to have dinner. With glasses of beer and plum wine and bowls of 80 yen Sanuki udon, we yapped till midnight, this time, purely nonsense.

Thought, with only two bands playing on a Monday night, I'd get home early, but wasn't the case. Didn't regret the next morning, though, even if my baggy eyes wouldn't open and my brain wasn't functioning enough for work. Hmmm, I guess I did have a blast after all.

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