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It was a beautiful Tuesday after the storm.
(Thank God our gig wasn't the day before! Just thinking of having to drag myself out in that weather...)

It was 2:30pm when I got to the venue.
After parking my bicycle around the corner chaining it to a road sign pole, I rushed down the stairs into the hall. Seeing the place packed with the other bands, mostly girls, waiting for their soundcheck, I hid myself in the restroom for a breather. OK, the night was supposed to be a female vocalist band night so go figure, Cathy. The trauma of having gone to an all-girls Catholic school still haunts me, I guess. You can't imagine the relief I felt when, after building up the courage to get out of the smelly haven, I spotted Midori and Numa in the hall. Then came in Yusun and it was our turn for soundcheck, but, ah, where's Sak? While setting up our equipment on the stage, Sak came in with a half-sleepy smile. No, he wasn't late. In fact, Sak arrived earlier than the scheduled (soundcheck) time, but things were moving ahead of schedule that day. Anyway, being used to the venue, soundcheck went by smoothly and quickly, ahead of schedule.

We strolled by to a nearby Denny's for lunch? dinner? Well, breakfast for Sak. Unlike the previous gig at CYCLONE, we all felt up to eating a hearty meal. With the dishes that we ordered, you could call it a dinner, I suppose. Chowing down on chunks of meat, pasta, sandwiches, fries, some greens, and caramel french toast, we spent the next few hours talking of what to do next year with the band and so on so forth. Something serious for a change, eh? Well, of course, there were tons of "kudaranai" jokes as well.

The night started at 6:30pm with six bands, aozoa performing fourth.
Our set list :
1. a little too late
2. a quiet morning
3. 10Q2U
4. sunscar
5. fragile
6. the fall
I gotta admit, the lyrics for 'sunscar' was a mess (sang the first verse twice) and my focus was more on not ripping the clothes Midori, my stylist, lent me that night (it's amazing how I can actually fit into her clothes!), but, overall, I guess it was a good show. According to one of the CHOP staff, we were more relaxed than the last time we played at the venue. Personally, though, I think I could've done better so definitely will do so when we play again at CHOP on December 20th.

After another civil after-party with just the band and some friends, we all went quietly home a little after midnight. It was a weekday afterall and we all had work the next morning. The morning after? Always the same after a gig--painful.

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