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Gotta apologize for (always) taking a week to write a gig report, sorry.
But I'm not the only one to take a week to recover from the headbanging and guitar-swinging etc. Trust me, all five aozoans are still moaning from what we did last Sunday. ;-P

It was a hot day for the first Sunday of October.
Spending the previous two days "talking", "hugging", and making friends with my home toilet, I had to literally drag myself out of the house. By the time I reached CYCLONE, I looked like (pardon my English, kids, but) shit and was already done for the day. It was past 3pm and people started gathering into the venue dragging their equipment down the stairs, tuning their guitars, getting ready for the evening. We were the second band to do the soundchecking and when that was over I wasn't the only one holding my head and stomach. midori joined in, apparently feeling nauseous from the funky smell that hung in the venue air. What can I say? We rushed out of the deep smelly underground into a nearby cozy cafe. And to think that the air in Shibuya could be much more healthier!

The five of us spent the next few hours sipping on our mega drinks. (There's a pic of yusun's and my drink on numa's blog.) Too bad we were all not in the mood to eat the food there 'cos it looked good. Maybe another time. After a few huge laughs, yusun left...no, not to get a haircut this time, but...to go shopping for a 'stage shirt'. The rest of us went back to the (smelly) venue in time for the first band.

The night, which was a release party for the compilation CD, started at 7pm.
aozoa was the fourth band to perform. Our set list was as follows:
1. a little too late
2. a quiet morning
3. 10Q2U
4. cosmos (the cover of a 70's Japanese tune recorded on the compilation CD)
5. fragile
6. the fall
Man, it was tough and horrific! The stage lights were so damn hot! I seriously thought my brain was going to boil out of my ears. From the second song on, my head was pounding and I was on the verge of breaking down, throwing my microphone, and leaving the stage to go home. But, being a big girl now, I concentrated on my singing instead. The lights definitely sizzled midori's skinhead as well. Numa was gagging next to me while playing his guitar and yusun, in his newly bought black beaded shirt, was drowning in sweat. After the stage, sak's hand was oozing in blood from a broken drumstick. Can't get any better than this, eh? Despite our own individual melodramas, we got off the stage alive and, according to our friends that came to watch, our performance was better than the last gig. Thank you very much, it was worth shoving yusun out of the backstage restroom to puke my heart out after the show, ha!

We actually had an after-party at the venue with the other bands that performed that night. As always, it was very civil and we all went home on the last train.

aozoa's next gig is on the 27th at CHOP.
Wow, that's two gigs in a month--a hardcore schedule for us. :-)
I guess doing five, six gigs a month and touring has become a fading memory.
Anyway, it's a girls' band night so anyone wanting to choke on some flying female hormones, please come.


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