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英語deライブレポ@CHOP 0829

Ah...it's been two weeks and a half since our gig at CHOP...yikes, sorry.
It's sorta obvious that I'm just gonna wrap it up simply here since my memory's pretty wasted.

But I do remember it was the day before the historical Lower House elections. The big streets in front of Ikebukuro station as well as the smaller ones near the venue was packed with people handing out pamphletes of their policy platforms (the Communist Party of Japan) and candidates waving and screaming from their vans (both the LDP and DPJ parties). Yeah, the place had this craziness which made me push my bicycle even harder through the crowd to seek peace in the underground.

I was the first one to get to CHOP. While munching on my fries, I watched (and, of course, helped a bit) each one of the aozoans drag their heavy equipment down the stairs. Soundcheck was simple since we were used to the place by now (athough, I have to admit, the sound always shakes my brain and kills my ears with the volume).

There were only three bands performing that night and since aozoa was the first to start the show, we stayed in and yapped backstage with Hizumi-san from JURASSIC JADE. She started with, "Now, let's talk about showbiz. Ask me anything, I know it all!" and, obviously, we joked about the notorious actress-turned-junkie along with other gossips till we had to get our asses on stage at a little past seven.

Our set list was as follows:
1. a little too late
2. a quiet morning
3. 10Q2U (new song with a rip-off title like that of H. Murakami)
4. cosmos (the Japanese 70's song cover included in a compilation out on Sep.16)
5. sunscar
6. fragile
7. the fall
8. overcoming

We played a bit longer than usual, but, personally, it went by quickly. We each had our own little problems during our stage, but just how Yusun put it, it was tanoshikatta! Hope everyone felt the same, too.

I have a feeling I burned off more calories watching JURASSIC JADE, who played after us, than singing my own tunes, though. What can I say, it's been a while since I saw their show and, hell, they were great! MOSQUITO SPIRAL ended the night just the way a heavyweight should.

Afterwards, a guy passed out and someone called the ambulance making the atmosphere turn tense for a while, but it wasn't too serious so, yes, you can say the night was a blast for everyone. The after-party at the venue was very adult-like and civilized and we all went home on the last train. As for myself, without having to huff and puff up the hill, I was home on my bicycle by 1am. A miracle maybe?

The next morning, I actually went to the elections, but unfortunately(?), didn't pitch into the DPJ's landslide victory. Such a twisted me.

Well, that's it, folks!

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