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Was a sunny day on Monday, the 26th.

Reached the Ikebukuro area on my bicycle around 1:45pm and roamed for the next 15 minutes to find a good place to tie my red "mama-chari" so as not to be towed. (←can that word be used for bicycles?) Bought cookies and some hot coffee at the nearest convenient store and headed for the venue. Went down the stairs and, surprise surprise, I was the first aozoan to get to CHOP. Quietly sipping my coffee, I waited for the rest of the crowd to come, trying to look busy filling out forms and whatnot. (I guess I need alcohol in order to be a social-butterfly, but, hey, the sun was still up, you know.)

Around 2:30pm, people started filing in the venue with their equipment and soundcheck rehearsals began. Man, the sound was so huge I had to stuff earplugs in my already ringing ears. We were the third band to rehearse. Played three songs to check our monitors and the chorus parts. I couldn't hear much of anything and Midori kept on squeezing her volume (the bass amp was about 1.8 out of 10) but still, the sound was horrifically blasting. Oh well, we thought things would end up changing for the show with the audience absorbing the sounds etc. Usually the case, but...

The five of us went out together to Saizeria to have a little snack before the show. The place was packed even on a Monday afternoon. We all ordered drinks, Midori some dessert, Sakk the notorious pizza and another dish drowning in cheese, Yu-sun was drinking something green while Numa was having the all-time-favorite-set coffee with nicotine. I orderd cinnamon-sugar toast and, I swear, there was enough sugar to make five servings. Someone must have dumped a whole bottle of the stuff on my poor toast. In all the noise and smoke, we spent the next few hours joking around and scheduling our recordings.

The night began at 6:30pm with six bands, aozoa performing fourth.
The 25 minute set list:
1. a little too late
2. a quiet morning
3. sunscar
4. fragile (仮)←yes, this is the title for now ;-P
5. the fall
The sounds from the amps were, as much feared, louder than rehearsals. To be honest, I couldn't hear anything and I don't really remember what I did on stage. Yeah, maybe I was a bit out of shape being that it's been ages since the last show. All I can say is that, hey, Mdiori had all the lyrics right, folks. hehehe Damn, I didn't even notice I was singing the wrong stuff!

Our first gig ended in a lot of noise and sweat.

The after party was civilized. (We're all grown-ups, aren't we?!) Because it was a weekday night, people went home early. One by one, the crowd became smaller and smaller until it ended with just me, Midori, Numa and 243san, aozoa's ex-drummer. The two fathers, missing their last trains, decided to spend the night at Midori's place. The three of them walked me to my bicycle and then to the main street so I won't get lost going home. (So nice!) I got home around 2:30am, took a bath and slept around 5am.

The morning after started with a sore neck and a ringing in my ears, but, doesn't it always after a gig?

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