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Just as the forecast said, it was raining, at times very hard, when I opened my window last Sunday. Not only does it rain on rehearsal nights, but at our gig, too. Well, there flew my chance of going to Ikebukuro by bicycle so decided to take the train instead. Was the first time to ride the Fukutoshin Line. Should've only taken twenty minutes from my house to the venue, but, as always, got lost and went around in circles in Ikebukuro station. Maybe just a few minutes late? CHOP was already blaring with loud music when I got there.
While waiting for the other bands to check their sounds and monitors, the aozoa members were busy filling out names and requests on the ticket list and soundcheck forms. Do we want red or blue lights for this song? Smoke? How many people can we have on the guest list? That sort of stuff. It was funny how we started writing our thoughts down on paper to communicate since the music was louder than our shouting at each other.
A quarter to six. It was our turn for soundcheck. We played bits and pieces of three songs. So sorry to have the others always turn down their volumes from the amps just so that I can hear my thin voice through my monitor. We finished in less than thirty minutes and decided to wait in the backroom till the doors opened and it was time for us to perform.
Midori and I changed into our stage clothes and did our make-up while the guys sat and talked about, well, guy stuff. A few minutes before we were scheduled to play, Midori started brushing her teeth which was a surprise (and good laugh) and Numa his face. 243 was pretty quiet (maybe a little nervous?) and Nishikawa was concerned about, well, guy stuff again. hehehe Ah, the things each of us do before a show. I was chowing down on my cough drops and meds.
7:05pm. We were on stage. The set list:
1. new untitled song ← yet to think of a good (or shall I say, better) one
2. sunscar
3. a little too late
4. a quiet morning
5. overcoming
6. the fall
I started getting my ass together around the middle of 'sunscar'. The first song was horrific (especially after listening to the recordings of the night's performance, I was screeching in embarrassment at home). There was a little accident in the middle of 'a quiet morning' which Midori wrote in her diary for those who are interested. People, including Midori herself, had a moment of good laughter then. The set went by pretty quickly with no real mistakes or problems. All in all, I think all of us on stage had a good time. Hope the people who came to watch also had as much fun as we did. Thanks to those who came to share the night with us on a rainy day.
After the night was done, we had an after-party at CHOP till 2am. As always, junk food and oolong tea (no alcohol for me) filled my stomach.
Got home at 2:30am, took a bath, and watched the first half of the EURO2008 soccer-for-Americans-and-football-for-the-rest-of-the-world finals between Spain and Germany. Passed out after Torres made a goal and one could only imagine how my Monday was.
Yes, bedridden with sore muscles. But was worth it, wasn't it?

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